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Bagua Map Study Guide
8.5" x 11" laminated
Price: $25
Source Code: BMSMSG

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As a guideline to prosperity for the home or business, or for the serious Feng Shui student, The Bagua Map Study Guide denotes the nine magic areas of your land, building structure, individual room or surface, based on the main entrance or front door. By focusing on these nine areas, it becomes a template to create positive change in your life. Used with your purposeful intention, personal discipline and knowledge of the wisdom of Feng Shui, your goals, hopes and dreams can manifest, including Health, Wealth, and loving Relationships.

You cannot accurately align your home or business with positive energy and possibilities for inspired living without this powerful Feng Shui tool. It is the essential guide to creating your ultimate retreat. The Bagua Map is also used as a floor plan for decorators and designers for placement of furniture, artwork, and accessories suitable to energize and anchor each of the nine life aspects.

Cheryl adds life and vivid color through her original Feng Shui art designs for each Bagua Map areas or “guas.” This is a one-of-a-kind Feng Shui Bagua Map with nine watercolor paintings assembled in a grid that represent the Secrets of Life.

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