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Feng Shui Simply: Change Your Life from the Inside Out by Cheryl Grace is available on: Hay House, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, and your favorite bookstore and electronic outlets.

Praise for Feng Shui SImply

"Cheryl Grace is an extremely creative thinker and talented writer. The world needs and loves all the gifts she shares with us. Her Feng Shui Simply book is a totally new aspect on the subject. I love her choice of thoughts, words, and phrases. All very appealing to my mental and emotional mind." - Pat H., Reiki Master, Sarasota, FL


"I have just finished your book. Feng Shui Simply and had to write and tell you how much I loved it. I couldn't put it down. I have been using Feng Shui for years and it has always worked brilliantly for me but your book reminded me of the all-important point of the inner connection to the art - and taking that internal world out with me during my external life. It becomes too easy for us to constantly rearrange things in our home when we need changes and forget Why we are doing it and to integrate these changes permanently into our lives and ourselves. Thank you for reminding me of that and making it so much clearer. I love Feng Shui and always have - this is probably why it works so beautifully for me." - Elizabeth, South Africa 


"I am sure you get a lot of fan emails. Its so interesting to think how I came to know about you. I accidentally came across a documentary about Feng shui and when I researched for best books on Feng shui your name appeared first. I started reading your book, I almost burst into tears because I have always felt that every thing in this universe has some energy to it and I feel that energy all the time in people and places and I always felt very embarrassed to discuss such topics because it looks silly to people who don't believe in it. I hadn't known any thing about Feng shui until I read your book. Your thoughts really feel make feel connected to you like my soul sister. I am a Doctor by profession and an Indian by origin living is the USA since 6 yrs. I have had that feeling of void that something is out there that I am destined to do something more in life than what I am doing now has been haunting me day and night since last 10 yrs. I am doing a lot of soul se arching and your book has just added the cherry on top of my cake. If you ever come to KY , I would love to come and meet you. I really would like to thank you for doing this amazing work, I am sure you are making a difference in many many lives and the humanity as a whole. Have a good day." - Vidhya Muralidhar, KY


"After the first few pages of reading Cheryl book “Feng Shui Simply change your life from the inside out” you will gain a new level of understanding on what is life is all about - not just Feng Shui. Have Cheryl as a mentor and your entire life will change. Personally working with Cheryl changed my personal and professional life 180 degrees. It wasn’t magic instead it’s was the crystal clear communication, deep understanding of the mentee needs & mind set, through professional experience, superior personal experience and before all a role model for someone who walk the talk. If you are reading this right now don’t hesitate to read her book and work with her because it will be one of kind experience." - Tarek Saleh, Fortune 500 Corporate Executive

An Independent Book Review by
Feng Shui Simply can be that line of demarcation that we all need to make a change in our lives. Cheryl Grace masterfully has written one of the most down to earth and easy to read books on the subject. Feng Shui, a Chinese system of that improves and elevates the energy around us, can be laid out in a convoluted manner, but in this book Ms. Grace brought clarity and almost Woman Wit to it which made it such an easy read.

Aside from the great break down of the system this book urges all of us to not only grasp the Feng Shui of objects like furniture or color palettes, but even more intriguingly it is suggested we use Feng Shui principles on our inner self as well. 

If you pick up this text I can guarantee at least one of her recommendations can have the potential to totally transform your life. For me, it was the section on clutter. Although I know what it is and am not a victim of it, somehow this book made me look at it in such an obtuse way I have totally rearranged my space and am more aware of even the semblances of clutter. 

You need to know how to shift energy, read this book. You haven’t felt compelled to act upon all the self help information you’ve gathered, read this book. You feel like you are standing just on the tip of something new and can’t quite step over that line, read this book. For a foundational understanding of Feng Shui mixed in with some trendsetting translation of it for the inner person, read this book!

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