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Feng Shui Energy Crystal On Stand

40mm with stand 
Source Code: CRYBA40

Price: $60

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When you are not able to hang your energy crystal from the ceiling or the center of a room, the 40MM Feng Shui Energy crystal can be placed on a surface near the center of a room, on a entry foyer table of your home or business, and on a shelf or table located in long, narrow rooms, such as hallways. If your front door is directly aligned with windows or glass doors in the rear of the home or office space, this is the perfect cure for energy and prosperity escaping the environment. To increase wealth and business opportunities, place the crystal on your desk or in your cubicle.

Swarovsky multi-faceted crystal balls are most powerful Feng Shui enhancement to increase the flow and circulation of positive energy in your home or office space. Strategically placed in one or more of the Bagua areas of your home or work environment can give a boost to your life aspirations, such as wealth, loving relationships, and career opportunities, just to name a few.

Don’t be fooled by cheap crystal imitations! They don’t pack the punch needed to transform your room into a powerful and harmonious space. Your crystal is placed on an elegant embossed brass stand for a decorative touch.

The Feng Shui Energy crystal is hand made by Cheryl with a 40MM or 50MM brilliant, superior quality, multi-faceted Swarovsky crystal, gold-plated ornate bead cover, and a Czech crystal bead topper. Included is an embossed brass stand. Total length: 9”

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