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Spirit Pendulum
Price: $65
Source Code: PENAM

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The Living Art® Feng Shui Spirit Pendulum is an original hand-made design by Cheryl using a purple amethyst Swarovski teardrop crystal, sterling silver chain and components, and accompanying Swarovski red and blue crystals. These are the colors of Feng Shui for wealth and prosperity. Amethyst crystals encourage inner peace and transforms energy.

Pendulums were originally used for locating (dousing) for water, gold, oil, and other minerals. However, the pendulum has long been recognized for its ability to provide information and predict the future. Just as radios pick up information from unseen radio waves, the pendulum is like a powerful antenna that receives information from vibrations and energy waves by people, places, thoughts, and objects. Noted physicist, Albert Einstein, was known to use dowsing tools to react to unseen energy. 

No one knows for sure how the pendulum works; yet it has grown in popularity because it does work! Whether the pendulum creates a bridge between the physical and spiritual world to seek the wisdom desired, you do not have to be a psychic to use a pendulum. There is nothing magical or mystical to the process and the results have amazing accuracy.

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