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Harmony Bracelet
Price: $125
Source Code: FSHBRA

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In ancient Chinese wisdom, our Spirit defines our sense of purpose and identity. A calm spirit allows us to think clearly and to live an inspired and purposeful life.

The Feng Shui Harmony bracelet features the five elements of Feng Shui — wood, fire, metal, water, and earth, the essential foundations of everything physical on earth. All five elements are believed to bring harmony within our environment. The Feng Shui Spirit Bracelet worn daily serves to motivate each of us to awaken our inner Spirit and bring harmony to all aspects of our life.

The Feng Shui Spirit Bracelet honors the Yin and Yang principles of balance through black faceted onyx beads anchored by clear Swarovski crystal cubes, creating a powerful flow of energy. Black onyx represents the water element honoring our life purpose and each person’s unique potential to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy. 

At the center, a sterling silver heart, and a delicate pair of red Swarovski beads drop near the sterling silver toggle clasp to represent love and relationships. This energy helps inspire us to follow our passion and encourages love to grow from the inside out. If you need the size smaller or larger, contact Cheryl first before ordering for a custom order.

Significant to the design are the two sterling silver world balls that represent the connection and alignment of Heaven (spiritual) and Earth (physical), encouraging synchronicity to serve as our guide. 

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