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Redecorating with Feng Shui Home Consultation by Phone





Having your home reflect your personal taste and treasures with a fresh approach is what Redecorating with Feng Shui can achieve at affordable prices. It takes the stress out of having to commit to a design plan that does not accurately reflect who you are and your own unique personal style.


You will be amazed at the quality of detail and enhancement that will be brought out solely from the redistribution of items and furniture already in your home. A Feng Shui consultation insures that you can live exclusively with what you love in a calm and inspiring environment so that you can move freely in the world with clarity and purpose.


Consultation Options:

  • Expert redecoration and refinement of your home

  • One day makeover using first what you already have in the home in a creative new way

  • Decorating ideas and room editing for clients who are down-sizing or moving to Retirement Communities

  • Fast, easy, and money-saving ideas for making wise choices for furniture selections and remodeling

  • Color consultation and furniture selection

  • Review of new construction and space planning

  • Energy Clearning

  • DeClutter analysis

Home Consultation By Phone

2 hour minimum $245

$125 each additional hour


Place your order and send Cheryl an email with your phone number and she will call you to set up an appointment. 

Redecorating with Feng Shui Business Consultation

A Feng Shui business consultation can benefit from a design plan to attract new customers, increase profits, and improve production by creating a thriving work environment.


Maintaining sustained productivity from increased demands can be a challenge to the work force. Feng Shui design helps maintain employee concentration and energy while boosting progressive thinking, team efforts, long-term strategy and flexibility.


The goal of the consultation is to influence the way customers and employees move through and interact with the work or retail environment in a positive way by focusing on the entire facility, various departments, and individual employee work spaces.


Cheryl holds an Interior Decorating Certification to bring beauty, design, and esthetics to a space at a fraction of the cost of traditional Interior Designers. The set of tools Cheryl uses is an understanding of people's behavior as well as company goals and vision to create functional spaces that include decorative elements.


Business Consultation Goals:

  • Expert refinement and redecoration for an esthetically pleasing and customer friendly environment

  • Fast, easy, money-saving ideas for arrangement and remodeling of space with a fresh approach

  • Color consultation 

  • Space planning

  • Review of construction plans

  • Office ReStaging

  • Clutter Management

  • Evaluation of employee stations, cubicles and offices for a productive environment

Business Consultation By Phone

2 hour minimum $350

$150 each additional hour


​Once payment is made, send Cheryl an email with your phone number and she will call you to set up an appointment. 

The Buzz about Cheryl...

"Cheryl has been a wonderful asset to our bathroom remodel and design. I attended one of Cheryl's Feng Shui lectures, and I own her book. I enjoy designing and decorating on my own, but I do need direction to do it confidently. Cheryl gave me this ability to create what I wanted and make my visions come true with her knowledgeable guidance. I am a busy mom and 3 young boys, and my time for conference calls are different than others might be. I was able to talk to Cheryl, mostly by instant messaging, which gave me the opportunity to work on things and ask questions on stolen moments throughout my day (and night).  My bathroom remodel included a lot of construction and more than doubled my space. Cheryl helped me develop a his/hers type space that flows well, and gives me a feeling of a natural spa, that is still glamorous. Her responses were clear and quick, whether it was this? or that?" Lori Schluep, Sarasota, FL


"It is truly a gift and amazing how much different this entire space feels. After getting my space set with recommendations of Cheryl Grace, I was singing her praises to everyone. I had instant results. My Air BnB business flourished (quadrupled) directly after the Feng Shui was started. It was amazing how quickly the energy moved as I completed the changes in my home. Miracles were happening at lightening speed. My wedding business also increased dramatically right away. The beauty of what Cheryl offers is that you can have instant results if you follow the plan she lays out for you. It is very easy to understand, as Cheryl maps out on paper everything she discusses with you in the walk through. There has been a incredible life change of abundant flow of energy. The Energy continues to soar! It has been my pleasure to pass along her name to my friends. They commented how much they felt the changes in their space. I encourage you to get on her schedule as soon as you can. She is very booked up." Rev. Jacqueline (Jacqui) Weiks, Arden, NC


"After hearing about a friend's Feng Shui experience with Cheryl, I was excited to have her come work with my new space. I had gone from a home that was completely furnished to one that was almost empty. Cheryl took the time to go through each room sharing her recommendations and the "why" behind them. she helped me move furniture in my sunroom and you could immediately feel how the energy shifted. I now have a blueprint to follow as I look for the right pieces for my home. I can already feel the open flow and can't wait for the abundance that I know will follow."  Donna More, Flat Rock, NC


"Cheryl has been lovely to work with for my new home! I felt so lost about where to put everything when I first moved into my new home and Cheryl really gave me great support and guidance. She not only showed me where to put certain items, but she also made sure I understood clearly about how Feng Shui works. It as fascinating to see my house all mapped out and even months later, I still feel empowered to continue the Feng Shui in my home for the rest of my life. So so worth it!"  Dallas Broach, Sleep Number Associate, Arden, NC


“When I called Cheryl I was a bit of a skeptic when it comes to feng shui, but at 45 I was open to trying a new approach, particularly in generating some positive activity in my love life.  I had been unable to find my soul mate after searching for many, many years.  As Charlotte said in Sex in the City, “I’ve been dating since I was 15, where is he?”  Cheryl swept through my house, suggesting furniture relocation and enhancements, designed to bring positive energy into my life.  Particularly poignant was her comment about my treasured Janis Joplin picture in my love and relationship area, “she was a drug addict and alcoholic, single and she’s dead.”  We need to move her to a different space.  None of Cheryl’s ideas were costly or prohibitive.  I took her advice, moved what I could, uncluttered some areas, and ran out to a few stores to buy some inexpensive accents and pictures.  Ten weeks later, I met Larry.  We were the same age, with the same goals and values.  Four months after that, he moved in with me, and one year to the day he asked me to marry him.  Thank you Cheryl for your great energy and matchmaking abilities!”  

Sharyn Taymor, Sports Business Consultant  Norwalk, CT



“When my wife announced we were having our house Feng Shuied - I decided to stick around and supervise.  No crystals or 'woo-woo'. Cheryl Grace made changes in my office that made sense - organizational ideas that put my systems in place. I have to admit 'this stuff may work, my business has increased.”

Steven W. Teppler – Lawyer   CEO – Time Certain, LLC   Sarasota, FL


“I had this amazing experience of having a feng shui expert give me an in-home consultation. In the past, I'd read lots of books and felt totally confused. Was our bed facing northwest, southeast...whatever.  Did we have to know out walls...basically I figured our home was a feng shui nightmare and gave up. I call Cheryl Grace the "Dr. Phil" of feng shui. She did not come bearing smudge sticks or crystals. Instead, she comes in like the fire element, gangbusters. We did not knock down walls but we moved furniture, rugs and repurposed (her term for taking an item that isn't working in one location and putting it somewhere else) all through the house. When we were finished...I could feel a different energy flow. We had guest that evening and they said "we just love your has such a nice feel to it.”  

Mare Petras, professional speaker and Member, National Speakers Association, Sarasota, FL

“When Cheryl came into my home and demonstrated ways to arrange my furniture to form a more flowing and pleasing environment, I was not just convinced, I became a convert! Her knowledge of feng shui and interior refinement has made my home less cluttered, more interesting and has enhanced personal areas of my life that were both unexpected as well as life affirming!”              Jack Hyman, Writer, New York City

“Cheryl's visit to my home was inspiring! Her explanations of balance were easily understood and easily accomplished by just moving pieces of artwork or a chair. I had such fun seeing my house transform as I added a few colored pillows and removed clutter spots in my home. I got so enthused I couldn't go to bed that night after she left! The best part was the tremendous change it made in my home and at a nominal cost. You will see and feel the improvements. This is a must do for everyone.” 

Ronnie Gates, Sarasota, FL


“Thanks so much for today's consultation.  I enjoyed it very much. I am totally excited about putting everything you said into action. The knowledge of Feng Shui you shared will help me create a wonderful environment of tranquility and enjoyment.”

Evelyn, Sarsota, FL

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