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Cheryl Grace Photography

Cheryl Grace is a wildlife photographer who visits Africa annually to photograph wildlife while on Safari Game Drives. 


Cheryl captures landscapes, people, and wildlife in their natural habitat in both color and black and white, primarily using natural and ambient light.


In addition, her passion for extreme close-ups and macro photography embodies the motion and emotion of her subjects in a finished photograph with a cinematic feel.


These are a sample of her photography library. To inquire about specific wildlife photography or to purchase prints, email


A Sneak Peek Through the Lens of Londolozi’s Guest: Cheryl Grace

Cheryl is a frequent repeat guest that initially crafted her trips to Londolozi as a part of a six-day photographically orientated trip led by Londolozi alumni ranger Ryan Hilton. It is clear that this stimulated a  love for African wildlife and is key in her returning at least once a year. READ MORE


South Africa – and Londolozi – Calls

In 2010, South Africa Calls was a mantra streaming steadily into my consciousness, driving an inner yearning for me to pay a call to nature’s gift to humanity. My innate love for wildlife and the enchanting African Bush combined with Londolozi’s safe haven where all nature is in rhythm and in harmony was an ideal match for me. READ MORE


People and Faces

City and Country Landscape