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Resale Staging by Phone


Perfect for the homeowner wanting to sell their home or Real Estate agents who want an expert to stage the home for sale, Cheryl offers expert staging to help a home sell quickly and at the highest price possible at market value.


Research shows that homes that are staged sell 2-3 times faster and for more profit. Add beautiful landscaping and trees, you can raise the price point as much as 15%.


ReSale Staging, using Feng Shui principles, can turn your home into instant sale potential without investing in expensive remodeling, design fees or new furniture. Often, a home can be transformed with by using the "buyer's eye," focusing on cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing, neutralizing, and rearrangement of furniture, artwork and accessories for a spacious presentation to help achieve that first offer.


It is vital that you show off what is in your home in a way that will draw attention to the strong points and soften the weak points. A fresh coat of paint in a neutral color can change an opinion of a prospective buyer in an instant.


Why wait til you are ready to sell? Live in your ideal environment now, and when you want to sell in the future, you'' be ready for a quick and easy sale. 


ReSale Consultation

  • Plan for de-clutter, cleaning and organizing to create a spacious environment with good traffic flow

  • Paint and re-design recommendations, as needed, to create a fresh and modern appeal

  • Plan for rearrangement of furniture, artwork and accessories as needed for a pleasing esthetic. Move, if able, while on site.

  • Recommendations for curb-side appeal

  • Neutralizing the home for greater buyer interest

  • Easy, affordable recommendations for increased beauty and attraction to the home's strong points.

Resale Staging By Phone

2 hour minimum $245


Place your order and send Cheryl an email with your phone number and she will call you to set up an appointment. 

The Buzz about Cheryl...

 “This is to thank you for doing such a wonderful job staging the home in Silver Oak recently!  Only three days after your staging session with the owner, a couple came through for a showing, loved it, and subsequently bought it.  As a result, the clients' home sold only 19 days after listing.  Needless to say, our seller clients are EXTREMELY delighted with the results of your visit! Your tactfulness in suggesting changes helped make the whole process much easier for the client.  It can be stressful for sellers to face packing away their prized possessions in order to make the home ready or buyer showings.  Your sensitivity to the sellers' concerns -combined with your excellent explanations of WHY certain changes would make the home more appealing to buyers and result in a quicker

sale - resulted in preparing the home to show in the best possible light to buyers.  Bob and I heartily recommend your staging services to any sellers looking to maximize their home's value and achieve a fast sale for the highest possible price!” 

Maripat and Bob Flood, Michael Saunders Realty, Sarasota, FL



“Shortly after working with gg Redecorating, I was able to sell my condo which had been on the market for months.” 

Suzannah Prescott, Polakoff Communications, Cleveland, OH


“It has become a cliché’ to say that someone brings energy to their work and life, however, it really defines Cheryl Grace. Enthusiasm coupled with her serenity makes you eager to understand the beauty of Feng Shui.  My background is business and I have always approached such with straight logic.  Once I dared to understand her science it infused my business with incredible potential.  To say I was surprised is an understatement.  She has been able to open my mind to a new way of thinking that really enhances my way of life.”

Ellin Kerin, Realtor, West Hartford, CT



 I loved your course!  Throughout the past weeks, I've been re-arranging, moving furniture, improving.  As you may recall, I indicated my discouragement over not having a job.  Yesterday morning I received an e-mail from a very prestigious consulting organization in my field-behavioral health-asking me to join their firm.  I had forgotten that I sent them a resume and was absolutely stunned!!!  This wasn't a coincidence!  Everything came together when it was meant to be, and I know my feng shui helped.  I look forward to staying in touch, and will look for more of your classes.  If this position is as lucrative as it could be, I'll be calling on you to help decorate the dream house I hope to buy!! Thanks a million—you're extremely talented and a wonderful teacher.”

Dale, Anna Maria, FL


“I just read your article Small Steps to a Healthier You, and a sentence in the first paragraph struck a high note with me.  It was about a meal being interrupted by a phone call, and then you were no longer hungry when you returned to the table.  I have made good choices in my life, including the ability to fore-go certain desserts and extras that I know I will have to work off at the gym.  I still enjoy my house so much with the guidance you gave me.  When I change anything, your plans always play a part.”

Diane, Sarasota, FL



  “Loved your article - two places grabbed my heart "letting your day unfold naturally without fear" and  "move elegantly in the community" - great writing!  I am honored that you took the time to respond to me, and that you shared your story and your gift of wisdom with me.  It was like getting a present in my e-mail, your message gave me a feeling of comfort and reassurance and I NEEDED THAT!   I am searching for what it is I truly have a passion. You have encouraged me to keep on exploring,  listening and waiting.   Grace means "gift" - thank you for the "gift of your time, talent and wisdom!" 

Grace, Sarasota, FL

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