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Intuitive Counseling by Phone


As an Intuitive Healer, Cheryl opens the door to communication with Spirit to allow truth, understanding and insight to come through by channeling practical information to manage life challenges, or to help you move past what is least satisfying in your life.

Cheryl connects with the gatekeepers of higher purpose to help you verify your soul’s purpose, reveal your soul contract, and whom you are meant to meet. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible and shine a light on your full potential. Cheryl’s expertise is in clearing old energy and trappings to the past, cutting cords, and restoring possibilities and purpose to your life. As an accomplished master healer, Cheryl can help you improve your mood and zest for life!


Cheryl is a trained Psychic Medium with the ability to tune into your energy and the Spirit realm, acting as a bridge between the physical and spiritual world. The goal is to answer as many questions as possible in a confidential and safe haven. The intention is to remove obstacles that may keep you from reaching your full potential.


One can also find understanding and insight from the loss of a loved one and know that loved ones are ever-present to those who may feel they have been left behind. Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experience one can go through. Support during these times assists healing.

Phone Readings

15-minute phone reading $25


30-minute phone reading $45


45-minute phone reading $90

How to Order Phone Readings

1. Place your order by clicking the Buy Now button to process your payment by PayPal.


2. After you have purchased your session, send Cheryl your telephone number by email and Cheryl will call you to set up an appointment. 


3. For phone readings, please send a current photo of yourself and/or anyone you want to inquire about prior to your session.


4.  Any issues with PayPal, please contact PayPal directly at (888) 221-1161.

In-Person Readings

Cheryl is an Intuitive Reader at Crystal Visions, a sanctuary for the Spiritual Seeker.  Located at 5426 Asheville Hwy in Hendersonville, NC, you can call to make an appointment with Cheryl in person by calling (828) 687-1193Crystal Visions rates apply, and walk-ins are welcome based on availability.

The Buzz about Cheryl...


"I had a wonderful Intuitive Counseling session with Cheryl Grace. she was a delight and gave me some good guidance on how to proceed with my current energies. I also consulted her about a Feng Shui project I had just started, and she guided me concerning some Feng Shui basics that I did not know, and that made all the difference in my decorating "next move." I highly recommend!" Shanna MacLean, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Working with you, Cheryl, was one of the highlights in planning my new home!  Our telephone conferences were just like having you across the table.  By both of us looking at the "footprint" of my house and property, you helped me see how everything is tied together. Your explanation of furniture placement, interior design from a feng shui perspective, feng shui cures, flow, color palettes, lighting, and everything else represented in the space has given me my dream home. Because of your insightful questions, we were able to fine-tune my home to harmoniously reflect who I am while creating balance and attracting prosperity and happiness.  Thank you so very much.  I highly recommend your telephone consultations to anyone unable to meet with you in person.”
Kitty Bertlin, Cave Junction, OR


"Being transformed by empowerment yoga, I am always seeking balance and harmony in all areas of my life. Having gone through a divorce last year, I was feeling stuck in the property I own and had once shared with my ex husband..Torn between selling the property or keeping, I knew I had to shift the energy and make some changes if I were to remain in the home. It was Cheryl Grace who helped bring it all together for me. Cheryl’s energy and knowledge is amazing. She is professional, knowledgable and has many gifts and talents. We discussed furniture relocation designed to bring in a new and positive energy throughout the home. She helped create space for an office in my home, knowing I was embarking on a new career path. She gave me guidance for setting up the office and suggestions of what artwork and accessories to add that would be symbolic of bringing in wealth and prosperity. The flow of positive energy in my home is amazing. Not only did I have the experience of the home feng shui appointment, I’ve also had guidance by phone and email. She has help me exponentially in many areas of my life. Cheryl has a strong business background and has provided me with many ideas for my business model. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to social media. I would highly recommend Cheryl’s feng shui consultation in the home along with telephone and email consultations. Cheryl’s fun energy is contagious. I feel blessed to have her support. Namaste ..." - Empowerment Yoga Instructor, St. Petersburg,FL

Legal Disclaimer

Readings I provide are for guidance only and are subject to your own interpretation and discernment. It is up to you to decide your path in life or any action you take based on your free will.


At no time is the information I provide to be considered legal advice, a medical diagnosis, financial counseling, or evidence of undisputed fact. My services are not a substitute for professional or legal services.

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