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Feng Shui Simply
Ask the Expert: Mirrors ~ DeCluttering ~ Tools of Feng Shui
Ask the Expert 2: Bathrooms~Placement of bed~Feng Shui for the Singles~Good Night Sleep~Open Floor Plan~Kitchens~Laundry Room~Garage~Entryway~Guest Bedroom
Feng Shui Simply: The Bagua Map

Radio Shows

Radio Shows
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Feng Shui Video Tips

Feng Shui Video Tips

Feng Shui Simply - Change Your Life from the Inside Out
by Cheryl Grace

Feng Shui Simply Tip18 - Using a mirror in the Dining Room

Feng Shui Simply Tip17 - How to select color for your home

Feng Shui Simply Tip16 - How to arrange your furniture with an open floor plan

Feng Shui Simply Tip15 Choosing a coffee table

Feng Shui Simply Tip14 How to select pillows for the Sofa



Share Your Light with Cheryl Grace

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Resource Materials

Resource Materials

Feng Shui Articles by Cheryl Grace
Articles from The Western School of Feng Shui


What is Feng Shui? 
Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is the ancient art of enhancing your environment to improve your life. Practiced in China for more than 4,000 years, Feng Shui is based on the dynamics of yin and yang or balance. Western Feng Shui is very accessible, flexible and strives to create a nourishing flow of energy through the home or office, so that you may live in harmony with your environment. When used with your own personal discipline, it can improve your health, wealth, relationships, and even land you that dream job!

When is the best time to have a Feng Shui Consultation? 
Before you buy, build, remodel, or sell a home or business; when you feel like you are tethered to the past and need a change; if living with clutter and a lack of energy keeps you from achieving your highest goals; or if you seek the type of relationships, finances or career opportunities that you can attract from the profound effect of a Feng Shui consultation.

How often do I need a consultation? 
A single consultation can produce many positive and inspiring results. Feng Shui can clear a path for increased personal growth and new opportunities. Any time you want to increase prosperity and remove any obstacles, a Feng Shui consultation will anchor your intentions and manifest where you want to go in life. You move forward with clarity and purpose. If you feel tethered to the past, a consultation will jump-start your creativity. It is recommended that you have a yearly Feng Shui consultation to maximize your opportunities.

How can my business prosper with Feng Shui? 
Major corporations and executives, such as Oprah Winfrey, Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, and Citibank have been reported to incorporate Feng Shui design principles. Whether you want to continually attract the perfect customer to increase wealth and prosperity or be able to work in an energetic and empowering office, Feng Shui can help you set up an environment that ideally serves your goals and the needs of your employees.

Will Feng Shui impose any design restrictions? 
No. Your personal taste, comfort, and unique style are encouraged throughout the consultation. The goal is to create a happy and safe environment for easy living and the simplicity of an organized and clutter-free environment. 

How is Feng Shui used to buy or sell a home? 
The principle of Feng Shui arranges your furniture, artwork and accessories to skillfully show your property to its best advantage. Staging your home or business environment creates a more spacious, calm, and inviting environment. You are able to maximize its value and achieve that first offer faster. Feng Shui is a fresh approach to attracting a swift and easy sale.

The Buzz About Cheryl

"I am sure you get a lot of fan emails. Its so interesting to think how I came to know about you. I accidentally came across a documentary about Feng shui and when I researched for best books on Feng shui your name appeared first. I started reading your book, I almost burst into tears because I have always felt that every thing in this universe has some energy to it and I feel that energy all the time in people and places and I always felt very embarrassed to discuss such topics because it looks silly to people who don't believe in it. I hadn't known any thing about Feng shui until I read your book. Your thoughts really feel make feel connected to you like my soul sister. I am a Doctor by profession and an Indian by origin living is the USA since 6 yrs. I have had that feeling of void that something is out there that I am destined to do something more in life than what I am doing now has been haunting me day and night since last 10 yrs. I am doing a lot of soul se arching and your book has just added the cherry on top of my cake. If you ever come to KY , I would love to come and meet you. I really would like to thank you for doing this amazing work, I am sure you are making a difference in many many lives and the humanity as a whole. Have a good day." - Vidhya Muralidhar, KY

"Cheryl Grace is an extremely creative thinker and talented writer. The world needs and loves all the gifts she shares with us. Her Feng Shui Simply book is a totally new aspect on the subject. I love her choice of thoughts, words, and phrases. All very appealing to my mental and emotional mind." - Pat H., Reiki Master, Sarasota, FL

"I have just finished your book. Feng Shui Simply and had to write and tell you how much I loved it. I couldn't put it down. I have been using Feng Shui for years and it has always worked brilliantly for me but your book reminded me of the all-important point of the inner connection to the art - and taking that internal world out with me during my external life. It becomes too easy for us to constantly rearrange things in our home when we need changes and forget Why we are doing it and to integrate these changes permanently into our lives and ourselves. Thank you for reminding me of that and making it so much clearer. I love Feng Shui and always have - this is probably why it works so beautifully for me." - Elizabeth, South Africa 

"After the first few pages of reading Cheryl book “Feng Shui Simply change your life from the inside out” you will gain a new level of understanding on what is life is all about - not just Feng Shui. Have Cheryl as a mentor and your entire life will change. Personally working with Cheryl changed my personal and professional life 180 degrees. It wasn’t magic instead it’s was the crystal clear communication, deep understanding of the mentee needs & mind set, through professional experience, superior personal experience and before all a role model for someone who walk the talk. If you are reading this right now don’t hesitate to read her book and work with her because it will be one of kind experience." - Tarek Saleh, Fortune 500 Corporate Executive

"I enjoyed your Feng Shui Home Design and Staging class at Ringling College of Art and Design so much. You pulled a lot of things together for me. As I mentioned, I was having a hard time getting the yin and yang principle down. Your presentation is very different from any others I have attend. I still can’t convey how much I learned from you as I have read MANY books and taken other courses and none was as clear as your teachings. I hope to be able to take further classes from you in the near future. Thank you for your skills and knowledge." - Cheryl Shoultz, Real Estate Agent

"Judith Klutzow and I were talking about how much we love your Feng Shui classes and how much we've missed them lately, and I decided you might like to know that. When someone mentioned Feng Shui I was certain they were talking about a new Asian restaurant. You made me understand what it means. You made something that required a compass and a whole library of Eastern religion books much simpler to understand. I knew there was a reason certain colors looked better in certain places, but, really didn't know why. I knew when you walked into a house and felt comfortable and "at home" there was a distinct reason. I now have a much better idea why those things happen. I know when I walk into a house and feel uncomfortable, I can look around and see why, not because I don't like their furnishings, but, just because they don't arrange them to take advantage of the room and the energy that needs to flow through it. You have enlightened me in so many ways. Here's the master bedroom before and after Cheryl's classes using Feng Shui principles ... 

















... I wanted to send the results of your classes!" Dennis F. Mosley, Florida.

"Wow! Your ears bust be burning from all the fabulous comments I am hearing about your Feng Shui presentation at our Venice Newcomers luncheon meeting. I must tell you that you are the first speaker we have had where our members said they didn't want to go home! They just wanted you to stay and keep answering questions for as long as possible. Not only are you passionate about your topic, but you have a gift for presenting it in the most interesting way.

Thank you for gracing us with your presence and giving us such an interesting and insightful look into a practice that touches upon all aspects of our lives. I think we all left with some helpful tips about reorganizing our homes and our lives, and making this a better, kinder world in the process."  - 
Elizabeth Grady, 2nd Vice President, Venice Newcomers, Inc.

“I wanted to thank you for the seminar. Not only was I enlightened on the subject of Feng Shui, I realized how important it is and how does spread throughout the home and into my life. I immediately came home and made changes, and plan to address several areas of my house in the near future. The big thing is “declutter” and that in of itself was an inspiration to get rid of more stuff, now that I know is related to the clutter and chatter in my mind. I especially appreciate the idea that it opens my life and space for new, fresh, and good to enter. I get it, thank you!”  - Liz Iverson DBA, Faux with Flair, Sarasota, FL

"I loved your course!  Throughout the past weeks, I've been re-arranging, moving furniture, improving.  As you may recall, I indicated my discouragement over not having a job.  Yesterday morning I received an e-mail from a very prestigious consulting organization in my field-behavioral health-asking me to join their firm.  I had forgotten that I sent them a resume and was absolutely stunned!!!  This wasn't a coincidence!  Everything came together when it was meant to be, and I know my feng shui helped.  I look forward to staying in touch, and will look for more of your classes.  If this position is as lucrative as it could be, I'll be calling on you to help decorate the dream house I hope to buy!! Thanks a million—you're extremely talented and a wonderful teacher.”  - Dale, Anna Maria, FL 

"I recently attended a seminar on Decorating with Feng Shui that you gave and I just wanted to thank you for making a complicated subject understandable, with great content and visual aids. I even had a light bulb moment and I have attended many Feng Shui talks. Being relaxed and informative, it was everything that I had hoped for and more, although I didn’t expect to have so much fun while learning! I also noticed that you quietly helped one of the attendees who was having a few problems in her life after we had all left. That was very kind of you."  - Anne Doherty, Professional Stager, Stagehouse USA and UK

"After studying Feng Shui out of various books it was so refreshing to hear Cheryl Grace speak on the subject. In just 2 hours she was able to present the fundamentals of Feng Shui simply and more comprehensive then any of the books I've read. Cheryl also takes it a step further by showing practical ways to apply Feng Shui to your home. Her method makes Feng Shui accessible to any household no matter how big or small. She is also a delight to listen to. Her presentation was humorous, full of enthusiasm, and very enlightening. I look forward to attending more of her classes."  - Lauren Feldman, Sarasota, FL

"What a great class and what a great speaker! You kept everyone's interest while teaching a complicated subject."
- Patricia Tway, Ph.D., Communication & Design Services

"I must say that I entered Cheryl's Feng Shui a skeptical about the topic. I left inspired to incorporate some of the principles into my condo and my daily life. She presented the material in an entertaining and informative manner. The presentation was organized, easy to follow and addressed everyone's questions. By the end of the seminar I had a basic knowledge of Feng Shui and motivated to learn more about it. I'm looking forward to attending her next seminar I'm confident she's made a wonderful difference in my life." - Beverly Spitcaufsky, Ana Maria Island, Bradenton, Florida

"Cheryl Grace takes the power of Feng Shui to a deeper level - it's not just about moving furniture - it's about removing obstacles that get in the way of your success.  Her work is not just about freshening your space - it's about refreshing your perspective on life. Cheryl is a truly authentic and entertaining speaker - She engages the audience with information laced with humor.  It took her about three minutes to have them 'eating out of the palm of her hands...and she left them wanting more.  She demystifies Feng Shui while mesmerizing the audience...a winning combination." - Mare Petras, CEO Fitness Simply

“Watching Cheryl give a speaking presentation leaves me with one thought: why isn't this woman on TV? “I expect to see Cheryl right next to Oprah one day. She's captivating, funny and rich with wisdom and good insights. Cheryl's amazing wisdom comes through, not only in her feng shui consulting, but also in her understanding the web of life. Whether it's a design challenge or a life strategy, Cheryl's insights have proven to be a God-send for me!” - Annie Osburn, Interior Design Consultant and Freelance Writer, Sarasota, FL

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