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Feng Shui from A to Z

by Cheryl Grace, copyright © 2005-2012


Any time you want to move your life in a new or improved direction, it is important to make some change in your life. Keeping everything the same, including the precise arrangements of your furniture, artwork and accessories, keeps your life anchored to that moment. Apply these simply feng shui tips to your home to jump-start good chi energy. 

A: Your artwork should represent the theme or function of each room and at the same time bring to mind fond memories, inspiration, or the artwork can just simply be something you truly love.

B: Keep your bathroom toilets seats and sink drains closed to avoid good chi and prosperity going “down the drain.”

C: Install a speed control switch for your ceiling fans to control the amount of breeze as the temperature warrants, improving relaxation and focus. 

D: Repair all doors that have broken locks or are in need of new hardware. A fresh coat of paint on your front door in dark hues or Chinese red invites prosperity.

E: Keep televisions in closed cabinets to avoid harmful EMF exposure.

F: Place a mirror or artwork of the Water element over a fireplace to balance the Fire influence.

G: Create a welcoming garden in your front entrance for prosperity with colors of red, purple, and blues.

H: If you have a long hallway, place a crystal hung from the ceiling in the center to disperse the strong tunnel energy.

I: Keep your investment portfolio in a red folder symbolizing wealth.

J: Let go of an abundance of empty jars. To keep prosperity in tack, either use them or lose them.

K: Place a mirror or reflective object behind your kitchen stove. It serves the cook to see who is approaching from the rear.

L: If you are feeling low, turn up your lights or open up your window treatments for natural sunlight. Good lighting is a mood enhancer.

M: Keep mirrors out of the bedroom. They are active energy and can disturb sleep. If you can ’t remove the mirror, place a throw over the mirror before bedtime.

N: Spend at least 15 minutes each day in nature. Take off your shoes and place your feet on the grass to ground your energy into Mother earth.

O: Staying focused and energized requires that your office remain uncluttered. Take 15 minutes before your work ends to file and de-clutter.

P: The money plants in feng shui are the bamboo plant and the Jade plant. Place them around your home for abundance to grow naturally.

Q: To inspire new thoughts and ways of doing things, take 5-15 minutes a day in quiet reflection. Ask a question and listen for the answer.

R: Colorful sectional or throw rugs can be used to inspire how you will choose color or create a theme for any room. Rugs can also serve as art pieces.

S: Group your artwork horizontally on staircases. Descending artwork adds to the “tumble” affect when going down stairs. 

T: If you have travel as one of your objectives, place artwork or symbols in your home that best represents your travel destination to keep your eye and energy on the goal.

U: Use your elegant dining room to entertain guests or eat a family meal at least once a week. It invites thoughtful and inspiring conversation.

V: If you have vaulted ceilings, resist placing your artwork vertically, too close to the ceiling and out of a comfortable view. Instead, consider painting the ceiling a deeper hue to “bring” the ceiling down.

W: Water features place at your entryway or foyer invites good chi energy.

X: Place an X next to each feng shui tip you complete for a feeling of accomplishment! Record all positive results and shifts of energy into a journal.

Y: You are artist of your life. Design the life you want and make it happen!

Z: Feng shui is all about taking things slower and moving through life in a zigzag fashion. Feng Shui is inspired from nature, and nature has many shapes, sizes, and forms. 

Enjoy life the feng shui way!

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