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As an Intuitive Healer, Cheryl opens the door to communication with Spirit to allow truth, understanding and insight to come through by channeling practical information to manage life challenges, or to help you move past what is least satisfying in your life.


Having your home reflect your personal taste and treasures with a fresh approach is what Redecorating with Feng Shui can achieve at affordable prices. It takes the stress out of having to commit to a design plan that does not accurately reflect who you are and your own unique personal style.


Feng Shui principles are based on living in harmony with your environment, including your internal environment. Feng Shui can help you initiate positive changes in your personal and professional life by tapping into the inner wisdom of Feng Shui.


Perfect for the homeowner wanting to sell their home or Real Estate agents who want an expert to stage the home for sale, Cheryl offers expert staging to help a home sell quickly and at the highest price possible at market value.


For Speaking and Literary

Cheryl is available for keynote presentations or for inspirational/educational topics customized to your business, seminar, or conference agenda.


Area of Availability: Cheryl is based in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and she is available nationally and worldwide. Please contact Cheryl at (828) 747-9622 for speaking topics and fees.


Topics include:
Feng Shui Simply * Feng Shui 101 * Redecorating with Feng Shui * Feng Shui for Prosperity * ReSale Staging * Feng Shui: Room by Room * Buy or Sell Your House with Feng Shui * Feng Shui in the Workplace * DeClutter and Get Organized with Feng Shui * The Wisdom of Feng Shui * Feng Shui for Romance * Feng Shui for Green Living *

Cheryl Grace takes the power of Feng Shui to a deeper level - it's not just about moving furniture - it's about removing obstacles that get in the way of your success.  Her work is not just about freshening your space - it's about refreshing your perspective on life."Cheryl is a truly authentic and entertaining speaker - She engages the audience with information laced with humor.  It took her about three minutes to have them 'eating out of the palm of her hands...and she left them wanting more.  She demystifies Feng Shui while mesmerizing the audience...a winning combination."  Mare Petras  ~CEO Fitness Simply

“Watching Cheryl give a speaking presentation leaves me with one thought: why isn't this woman on TV? “I expect to see Cheryl right next to Oprah one day. She's captivating, funny and rich with wisdom and good insights.  Cheryl's amazing wisdom comes through, not only in her feng shui consulting, but also in her understanding the web of life.  Whether it's a design challenge or a life strategy, Cheryl's insights have proven to be a God-send for me!”  Annie Osburn, Interior Design Consultant and Freelance Writer, Sarasota, FL


“I wanted to thank you for the seminar. Not only was I enlightened on the subject of Feng Shui, I realized how important it is and how does spread throughout the home and into my life. I immediately came home and made changes, and plan to address several areas of my house in the near future.  The big thing is “declutter” and that in of itself was an inspiration to get rid of more stuff, now that I know is related to the clutter and chatter in my mind. I especially appreciate the idea that it opens my life and space for new, fresh, and good to enter.  I get it, thank you!” Liz Iverson DBA, Faux with Flair, Sarasota, FL

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