Reach Your Life Mentor Program

Feng Shui principles are based on living in harmony with your environment, including your internal environment. Feng Shui can help you initiate positive changes in your personal and professional life by tapping into the inner wisdom of Feng Shui.


Many people today are surrounded by “clutter” that is not simply stacks of newspapers or a desk full of paper. Mind clutter has to do with being able to align what you do for a living with your life purpose. Your general lack of purpose may be hidden by a residue of a broken relationship, unfulfilled goals and desires, disoriented careers, or low self esteem. You might ask yourself, where is my passion for doing the work? 

There may be a moment when you find that you are profoundly dissatisfied with where you are on your life path. The need to find a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment is often greater than the desire for more money or more time off. Gifted, high caliber employees who suffer in mismatched careers is not only a waste of talent but also a cause of unnecessary stress.


Regardless of age, most people look to their work to be an avenue to make a difference, raise self-esteem, and build confidence. We each have an innate need to do something with our lives and to be around other people with shared similar mindsets and interests that nurture our sense of purpose. It’s a signal if what you’re doing becomes a chore and your heart isn’t in it.


The Reach Your Life Potential Mentor Program with Cheryl Grace as your guide can help you see the world with a fresh approach and a different perspective. Cheryl can help you to become “unstuck” by leading you to redirect your career or life choices. Sometimes the greatest risk is not taking one, so what’s the harm in branching out and seeking the counsel of a trusted person to open thought and dialogue?

The Mentor Program can help you get in touch with your priorities and help you set goals. It doesn’t happen instantly; it is a process. Start with a vision of what your dream job or most fulfilling life would be like and set out to achieve it.


Your life will never represent anything real in the world, no matter how earnest your intentions, unless you follow your bliss and make your dreams a reality.

There is a deeper and truer life waiting to be acknowledged. 

Begin your journey today.

Reach Your Life Potential Mentor Program

Private session by phone

+ Private and Group Feng Shui Lessons for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced
+ Feng Shui Consultation for home or business

+ Redecorate Your Space

+ Ideal Placement of Furniture
+ Review architectural floor plans for new construction
+ Paint selection and color scheme for home or business
+ Social Media Marketing and Building Your Platform for Business
+ Career and Life Purpose Counseling

Personal Phone Consultation

$90/hr for a personal phone consultation, either to Feng Shui your home or office when an in-person consultation is not possible, or to guide you to reaching your full potential through coaching. Once payment is made, send Cheryl your telephone number and she will call you to set an appointment time.

Business Phone Consultation

$150/hr for Business Consultations by phone. Once payment is made, Cheryl will call you to set an appointment time.

For an in-depth Feng Shui Design evaluation, an

in-home or office Feng Shui Consultation is available

upon request. Rates and travel fees apply.

The Buzz about Cheryl...


"After the first few pages of reading Cheryl book “Feng Shui Simply change your life from the inside out” you will gain a new level of understanding on what is life is all about - not just Feng Shui. Have Cheryl as a mentor and your entire life will change. Personally working with Cheryl changed my personal and professional life 180 degrees. It wasn’t magic instead it’s was the crystal clear communication, deep understanding of the mentee needs & mind set, through professional experience, superior personal experience and before all a role model for someone who walk the talk. If you are reading this right now don’t hesitate to read her book and work with her because it will be one of kind experience." - Tarek Saleh, Fortune 500 Corporate Executive

“Working with you, Cheryl, was one of the highlights in planning my new home!  Our telephone conferences were just like having you across the table.  By both of us looking at the "footprint" of my house and property, you helped me see how everything is tied together. Your explanation of furniture placement, interior design from a feng shui perspective, feng shui cures, flow, color palettes, lighting, and everything else represented in the space has given me my dream home. Because of your insightful questions, we were able to fine-tune my home to harmoniously reflect who I am while creating balance and attracting prosperity and happiness.  Thank you so very much.  I highly recommend your telephone consultations to anyone unable to meet with you in person.”
Kitty Bertlin, Cave Junction, OR

"Being transformed by empowerment yoga, I am always seeking balance and harmony in all areas of my life. Having gone through a divorce last year, I was feeling stuck in the property I own and had once shared with my ex husband..Torn between selling the property or keeping, I knew I had to shift the energy and make some changes if I were to remain in the home. It was Cheryl Grace who helped bring it all together for me. Cheryl’s energy and knowledge is amazing. She is professional, knowledgable and has many gifts and talents. We discussed furniture relocation designed to bring in a new and positive energy throughout the home. She helped create space for an office in my home, knowing I was embarking on a new career path. She gave me guidance for setting up the office and suggestions of what artwork and accessories to add that would be symbolic of bringing in wealth and prosperity. The flow of positive energy in my home is amazing. Not only did I have the experience of the home feng shui appointment, I’ve also had guidance by phone and email. She has help me exponentially in many areas of my life. Cheryl has a strong business background and has provided me with many ideas for my business model. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to social media. I would highly recommend Cheryl’s feng shui consultation in the home along with telephone and email consultations. Cheryl’s fun energy is contagious. I feel blessed to have her support. Namaste ..." - Empowerment Yoga Instructor, St. Petersburg,FL

For Speaking and Literary

Cheryl is available for keynote presentations or for inspirational/educational topics customized to your business, seminar, or conference agenda.


Area of Availability: Cheryl is based in Hendersonville, North Carolina, and she is available nationally and worldwide. Please contact Cheryl at (828) 747-9622 for speaking topics and fees.


Topics include:
Feng Shui Simply * Feng Shui 101 * Redecorating with Feng Shui * Feng Shui for Prosperity * ReSale Staging * Feng Shui: Room by Room * Buy or Sell Your House with Feng Shui * Feng Shui in the Workplace * DeClutter and Get Organized with Feng Shui * The Wisdom of Feng Shui * Feng Shui for Romance * Feng Shui for Green Living *


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