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10 Best Feng Shui Tips for a Prosperous New Year

by Cheryl Grace, copyright © 2005-2012


With the beginning of the New Year, many people take the opportunity to make out New Year’s Resolutions, either by writing them down, or just setting goals for year though thoughtful reflection. Here are some simple Feng Shui New Year Tips that we can all apply to our lives to bring abundance and prosperity to our families and ourselves.

The master bedroom is the most important room to Feng Shui as you spend a third of your life in the master bedroom just by sleeping! Master bedrooms should look and feel romantic while at the same time invite relaxation and rejuvenation. The design and feel should represent a sensual place for adults.

Cleaning, decluttering and getting organized are important actions that signal you are ready for new things to enter your life. When your home is clean and spacious, you automatically feel calm and grounded. Begin by washing your windows, inside and out. They represent your willingness to see the big picture clearly. Remove any objects from under your bed and hanging on the back of your doors. Good chi likes to move around and your health and vitality can be blocked by stagnant energy.

Avoid watching TV in your bedroom. Ask yourself, do you want a romantic relationship with a loving mate or a relationship with your television? Having your mate focused on watching TV rather than enjoying cuddling and communicating with you is a recipe for relationship failure. If you decline to remove your TV from your bedroom, keep the TV in a closed armoire or place a throw over the TV before turning in for a restful sleep.

A child’s bedroom is a special place they can creatively make their own “footprint.” Since they spend an extraordinary amount of time in this room just by sleeping, napping, dressing and playing, it is their most important room in the house. If it’s not possible to have a separate playroom or area in the home, it’s necessary to designate a specific area for play within the bedroom. If you’ve every watched Extreme Home Make-Over, many of the children’s bedrooms are designed with bright colors, exaggerated design elements, and an over abundance of large toys and gadgets. This is a formula for over stimulation, anxiousness, and chaotic energy! You’ll end up with a child that is hyper, angry and frustrated with little support for their natural needs to rest peacefully. 

Surveys have reported that we only wear about 20 per cent of our clothing 80 per cent of the time. This means our closet is full of clothing just taking up space. In order to discover what you really enjoy wearing, conduct your own survey. Every time you wear something over the next month, put it back in your closet on one side. If your favorites begin to accumulate, then it’s time to evaluate what is left. Is it the fit, color, style, size or state of repair that keeps you from wearing them?

Whether you are sitting in your office, eating in a restaurant, or sleeping in your bed, avoid having your back to the door. Having a clear view of the door helps you see everyone and all opportunities that can to you. Failure to be in this “position of power” is the same as turning your back on the potential for prosperity.

The quality of your sleep is vital to your health and well-being. Make an effort to remove all the visual clutter that subtlety may be a distraction from your bedroom. Remove office desks and paperwork, work out equipment, photos of family members other than your partner or spouse, and reading material other than one book for recreational reading.

Learning to trust that the abundant Universe will provide everything to you, when and only as you truly need it, is a powerful lesson and takes practice. Take a $100 bill or more, and place it in a red envelope to be put away in a drawer for one year. Write down something you’d like to see happen in your life over the course of upcoming year and include it in the envelope. Now let it go, and see what happens. At the very least, you will have $100!

Make an appointment with yourself to clear clutter for 15 minutes at the end of the day. Take no longer than five seconds to make a decision about each object or piece of paper. It is either trash, immediately filed or to be delegated. 

Put safety and comfort first. By sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, your entire life can be affected as it is interconnected to your health, relationships, and literally extend to every facet of your life. Whenever possible, one should face the “command position” in a room – facing toward the door or entry, including the location of your bed. If you face away from the door, this can cause discomfort because you might be startled when people approach from behind. Be sure to check unsafe features – sharp corners, pointed objects, crowded thresholds that can deplete the vital energy in your environment.

Feng Shui is about creating your ideal living environment, where comfort and safety rule, cherished possessions and treasures are displayed, and your full expression of your unique style is honored. Solutions found through Feng Shui can bring your inner wisdom into your outer action, the perfect balance between yin and yang.

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