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Feng Shui Simply

by Cheryl Grace, copyright © 2005-2012


The popularity of Feng Shui, the art of enhancing your environment to improve your life, has increased over the years as people experience positive and inspiring results. Any time you want to increase prosperity and remove any obstacles, Feng Shui can clear a path for personal growth and new opportunities. Practiced in China for more than 3000 years, Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is based on the principles of yin and yang by balancing the extremes to create a nourishing flow of energy throughout the home or business environment. Major corporations such as Merrill Lynch and Trump Towers have been reported to incorporate Feng Shui design principles to increase their business and insure prosperity and enjoy the increased benefits of health and happiness.

Feng Shui is founded on wisdom and is a design science that has been adapted to our Western culture. These contemporary applications that are accessible, flexible and strive to create a cozy and easy living environment.

All things in our physical world are considered alive, as we have memories and opinions about everything. This alerts us to choose our furniture, artwork and accessories carefully as they are “talking” to you all the time. With this in mind, your selections better have something nice to say about you!

All things are interconnected, maintaining that the quality of our relationships with all people, places and things can enhance or hinder our health and happiness.

All things are constantly changing. We should use this dynamic quality to our advantage by allowing the arrangement and décor of our homes and offices to change with us and fully express who we are today.

Feng Shui solutions can bring many inspiring results by applying time-proven applications to your home or work environment:

Put safety and comfort first. By sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress, your entire life can be affected as it is interconnected to your health, relationships, and literally extend to every facet of your life. Whenever possible, one should face the “command position” in a room – facing toward the door or entry, including the location of your bed. If you face away from the door, this can cause discomfort because you might be startled when people approach from behind. Be sure to check unsafe features – sharp corners, pointed objects, crowded thresholds that can deplete the vital energy in your environment.

Live with what you love. Take a walk around your home or office. Are there items that you love and that hold good memories for you? Conversely, are there those that keep you tethered to the past? Make sure your surroundings are giving you the right message and that your art, furnishings and features are generating warm positive feelings. 

Clutter is your enemy. Creating a spacious environment for positive energy to flow through is a big part of Feng Shui. A lack of ample space, clutter, and disorganization can create chaos and keep you in a constant frenzy.

Feng Shui is about creating your ideal living environment, where comfort and safety rule, cherished possessions and treasures are displayed, and your full expression of your unique style is honored. Solutions found through Feng Shui can bring your inner wisdom into your outer action, the perfect balance between yin and yang.

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