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Feng Shui for the Single Gal

by Cheryl Grace, copyright © 2005-2012


Feng Shui is traditionally applied to our home to create harmony and good prosperity. Beyond the practical applications of creating good traffic flow, correct positioning of your furniture, artwork, and accessories, and eliminating clutter, Feng Shui has many enhancements that can help single gals draw in a romantic partner by applying simple tips to your home environment. If you find yourself stumped on how to attract a mate, it’s time to take a fresh approach to your situation. Feng Shui is all about energy, and if you remove obstructions, the flow of chi will increase.

If your master bed has an abundance of pillows, no matter how beautifully decorated, in Feng Shui it denotes that the “bed is already taken.” Remove excess pillows from your bed or sofa to create a welcoming, inviting and spacious style. Add an end table to both sides of the bed. Having only one nightstand in your bedroom has the equivalence in Feng Shui of a “one-night” stand in relationships.

Master bedrooms should look and feel romantic, while at the same time invite relaxation and rejuvenation. It is a sensual place for adults; therefore, remove photos of family members and children. Cherubs, while romantic symbols, are considered children and as a result should be placed in other rooms of the home.

If you have a two car garage and are unable to fit either one or two cars in the space, it’s time for a garage sale! A section limited to one vehicle is declaring that there isn’t available space for your potential partner to enter. Having difficulty cleaning out your garage? Make an appointment for a clean-out day, buy some organizational containers, and take everything out of your garage and onto the driveway. Position any items you want to keep on one side of the driveway and place collections, decorations or similar objects in marked containers. Anything that is to give away, place on the opposite side and make an appointment for pick up as soon as you finish. Trash can be placed in the proper receptacles for collection day.

While artwork of single and powerful women is great for the Fame and Reputation area of your home, they do not belong in your bedroom, or the Love and Marriage area of your home. Photos and works of art representing single gals are anchoring “more of the same.” If you are trying to change your status from single to couple, then your accessories and artwork should represent pairs. They do not have to be romantic symbols of people, although this is very effective. A very important component of Feng Shui is your intention and a visible representation of what you want to draw in is very powerful, as it becomes a frequent visual reminder on your goal.

Spring cleaning is an important action that you are ready for new things to enter your life. Begin by washing your windows, inside and out. They represent your willingness to see the big picture clearly. Remove any objects from under your bed and hanging on the back of your doors. Good chi likes to move around and your health and vitality can be blocked by stagnant energy.

Avoid watching TV in your bedroom. Imagine spending quality time at the end of your day in a romantic setting with your mate, without TV, to energetically create the freedom for this person to enter. The alternative is having your mate focused on watching TV rather than enjoying cuddling and communicating with you. If you decline to remove your TV from your bedroom, keep the TV in a closed armoire or place a throw over the TV before turning in for a restful sleep.

Fresh flowers or new plants can lift your spirit and add good chi to your entryway. Don’t postpone happiness waiting for your date to bring you flowers. To change your luck and invite prosperity into your life, select a colorful arrangement of fragrant cut flowers for your foyer or find plants in the colors of red, purple, pink or white and plant them just outside your front door.

Most important is to have a flexible attitude and move away from fixed ideas and particular ways of doing things. Expand your opportunities to meet new people by going to different grocery stores, restaurants or coffee shops. If you find someone you are attracted to, maintain eye contact for 3 seconds, with a smile, in order to build the connection. If your head is down and you are deep in thought, how do you know if your future love interest is gazing sweetly in the direction of you?

If you are married and need to ignite the relationship to a more passionate level, apply all the Feng Shui tips for single gals and get ready for romance!

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