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Feng Shui 101 for Men

by Cheryl Grace, copyright © 2005-2012


For any man who has shied away from feng shui fearing it could be anything from an exercise routine of dance-like poses performed in a park to a blind date with Martha Stewart, you can relax! Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of intentional design that has thrived over 4000 years and is used as a way to become in tune with your environment and attract positive energy to ensure good health and prosperity. The simple and sensible design basics of color, shape, scale and the placement of your furniture, artwork, and accessories help create an ideal working or living environment. With a little effort on your part, you can improve your life from benefiting from a good night’s sleep to maximizing your business opportunities. Once the energy in your space is optimal, the quality of life of the individual improves accordingly.

It is by no coincidence that major corporations such as Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, Citibank, and Trump Towers have been reported to incorporate feng shui design principles. Whether you want to continually attract the perfect client to increase sales and income or be able to work in an energetic and empowering office, feng shui can help you set up an environment that perfectly serves your goals.

Whether you are choosing a paint color for your master bedroom or selecting furniture for your office, your attention to detail makes the difference between being at the top of your game or anxious and edgy. The precise selection and placement of every piece of furniture or artwork can influence personal health, economic status, and even your love life. A straightforward example is an uncomfortable office chair that you sit in on a daily basis. Over time, it can create nagging health issues, and at the same time it serves as an assertion that you are not attending to the well-being of your body.

The best way to experience the benefits of feng shui is to invest in applying feng shui enhancements and observing the results. The practice of feng shui is designed to make you aware of every choice you make and the subsequent action taken in all life aspects. If for any reason a particular feng shui enhancement is not working for you, you can always change it back. So, what is the harm in experimenting?


7 Power Enhancements

Over the next week, institute these simple power enhancements in your home or work space to energize your environment and employ a fresh approach to attracting new opportunities.

  • Whether you are sitting in your office, eating in a restaurant, or sleeping in your bed, avoid having your back to the door. It may require you to move your bed to another wall so you have a clear view of the door, or repositioning your desk so that you see everyone and all opportunities that can to you. Failure to be in this “position of power” is the same as turning your back on the potential for prosperity.

  • Health and vitality is dependent on energy moving in and around your workspace, and your living environment. A cluttered desk, clothes thrown on the floor, and stacks of newspapers or magazines is stagnant energy. Keep your desk clean and avoid piles of paper that block your exposure to life force energy.

  • Make an appointment with yourself to clear clutter for 15 minutes at the end of the day. Take no longer than five seconds to make a decision about each object or piece of paper. It is either trash, immediately filed or to be delegated.

  • The quality of your sleep is vital to your health and well-being. Make an effort to remove all the visual clutter that subtlety may be a distraction. Remove office related books or paperwork, work out equipment, photos of family members other than your partner or spouse, and reading material other than one book for recreational reading.

  • If you are single and hoping to attract a mate, take a look around your house and especially your bedroom to see if you are encouraging partnership or solo living by the choice of your artwork. Artwork depicting a lone wolf, as an example, is pushing away any potential for relationships.

  • The color red is a power color and attracts positive energy. Use it in your wardrobe, as an accessory color in your bedroom, and as a choice of flowers or bushes to plant in the front of your home.

  • Learning to trust that the abundant Universe will provide everything to you, when and only as you truly need it, is a powerful lesson and takes practice. Take a $100 bill or more, and place it in a red envelope to be put away in a drawer for one year. Write down something you’d like to see happen in your life over the course of upcoming year and include it in the envelope. Now let it go, and see what happens. At the very least, you will have $100!

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